Charging Station



Portable/Wall–pole mountable
Voltage safety for batteries
Digital display of usage units/currency charge counter
Weather proof (IP 55 or above)
Multiple plug types
For Two wheelers
Cost effective 15 paisa per km for dealers
Eco friendly
IEC 60309 universal socket
LED display for charge time/unit/amount.
Working temperature (-25 to 80 degree Celsius)
Short circuit protection
Two wheeler (2.5 kw in four output)
Four wheeler (3.3 kw single output)
Wifi and 4g gsm
Emergency stop button


Metal panel box
Mounting pole
SMPS based circuit controller
LED Display unit/power / percentage
AC to DC converter
DC to DC converter
Inbuilt socket for output
Input socket with cable
Overload detector
Emergency stop switch
Short circuit detector
Auto stop sensors ( When battery full or fault)
Cooling fan internal

Economics Two/Four Wheelers

Sales price 96,000/- and 1,80,000/-

Dealer economics (15 paisa per km power purchase, 50 paisa sales)

1 unit is 1 kw = 40 km for 1000 watt motor