Vertical Axis Windmill

We are into research for wind harvesting, torque transmission and power generation since 2016 and developed our state of art indigenous Vertical axis windmill design to fulfill the small scale entrepreneur power requirement in remote areas for industrial, agriculture and residential purpose. This may range from 5 kw to 250 kw and largely scalable options. Our team have mechanical and electrical experts having practical experience in development of wind harvesting systems and efficient power generations by permanent magnet generators of low revolutions per minute.

We have also developed progressive incremental gearbox, planetary in design and can increase output rpm upto range of 1 to 67 rpm at output shaft. We have made multiple compound and planetary gearboxes to test the output rpm and torque. Achieved our best results to increase rpm from 1 to 67 at output with torque loss at least of only 20% of the input torque.

We have recorded the wind speed and performance data for the same design and recorded that it can operate at windspeed at 2.7 meter per second.

This is SUB SONIC AIRFOIL DESIGN with darrius and savonius type fan design. We found that at 2.7 m/s this design can achieve 10- 20 rpm with 80 NM of force. This force is input of the incremental gearbox which converts 10-20 rpm to 600 to 800 rpm and 60- 80 rpm as output.

This out put runs the permanent magnet generator of 10 kw with three phase alternate current output ranging from 50 to 130 volts with 10 kw current.