Permanent Magnet Generators


We have been manufacturing permanent magnet generators for 5-7 years and have clients who use them for research purposes in wind and hydro powered equipment. We have our own customized laminations designs and suitable rotor attached with neodymium magnets to achieve efficient electricity at 250,550,1000 and 1500 rpms. Both single phase and three phase permanent magnet generators are manufactured at our premises in Ahmedabad.

Permanent magnet generators are tested for more than 5000 hours now and output voltage is stabilized and temperature is controlled by rotor design that allows air flow. Which saves magnet life.

The power generated from generator is stored into drycell battery and can be used as off grid storage or can be connected on grid via inverter as traditionally done. As per current policy it can be used as hybrid system with small input of solar panel. For eg. 10 kw wind and 2 kw solar.

Best Performance Thru Hybrid Power


For tropical or Indian sub-continent, Solar power generation is becoming more obvious and acceptable solution.

However, there are few challenges on getting optimum efficiency due to need of frequent cleaning, limited period of sun light, etc..

This is being well addressed by offering integrated solar & wind power solution, also known as "Hybrid" solution. Basically hybrid solution comprises of Solar & Wind power generation units and both are integrated to get better performance and taping natural resources to its best. In Hybrid solution, wind velocity is converted into electricity and integrated with Solar inverter output for onward utilization for on grid / off grid configuration.

Why Hybrid System Is Better

Due to intermittent nature of inputs (Sun light / Wind flow) alone Solar or wind generation has its limitation in faster Returns On Investment(ROI). Whereas combination of wind & Solar will yields 40-50% better economy, when customized as per the site condition and consumption pattern. Combination also requires lesser space, offers longer hours of generation and with our patented Power generation technology, we are able to bring much shorter payback period as compare to traditional solar power installation.

This Hybrid solution is available from as low as 1KW to 500KW, being modular in nature, it can even cater to almost all practical consumption requirement of commercial or residential unit. It is available as on grid or off grid, AC & DC output format. It is compliant as per MNRE guidelines and well accepted by all electricity boards.